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Cutting a Toothed Sprocket

This was a good day and a bad day, the video tells the story.

This little job cost me my new 1/4" tungsten cutter an lucky for me no injuries, it could have been quite different though.
A reminder to always think safety when working with this or any type of powered machinery.

I recently had a need for a toothed sprocket to be driven by a stepper motor with a toothed belt.
The parts were recovered from a scrapped printer other than the sprocket needed so a perfect job for the CNC.


The job is from 8mm Perspex sheet 120mm square, machined both sides.
All done with a 1/4" and a 1/8th" straight cutter.
I am still having issues with the X axis stepper not running smoothly when transitioning speeds at lower speed ranges but have been able to get around the problem by slowing down the feed rate and doubling the step count per mm. It's not perfect but it is allowing me to use the machine.
I was lucky to get this off the table at all after what you have seen in the video and what happened before that was the computer rebooted itself, fortunately it was in-between cuts and the machine was in it's home position so I was able to restart the job without loss of position, I just needed to re zero the Z height as I was changing tools anyway.
So it all turned out ok in the end and so I'm now planning some more jobs while still trying to resolve the X axis issue.


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