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Finished Job

This is the finished job of the toothed sprocket in place on the telescope with stepper motor.

The setup allows me to remotely focus the telescope with camera in place via my laptop and save me having to get down on my knees to look up through the camera and scope while trying to focus manally. A great time saver and also saves the grass stains on the jeans as it's often quite damp at night when the telescope is out.

The focuser has the ability to adjust the focus to within less than 0.005" at a time so it's very accurate and functions in conjunction with my Astro software, very handy.

One of the next jobs lined up is a Jewelery Box  for my 9 year old granddaughter Charlotte and some very nice V carved flourishes are in order. In the gallery you will see the proposed lid and front panel for the box, I intend to run a dummy run on some MDF to see how the pattern looks for depth etc before committing to a good piece of wood.

I have also managed to get hold of a different stepper driver to try on the X Axis to see if I can microstep without the issues of lost steps I was having. Currently I'm only half stepping the motors and while that's fine for most things it does leave some not so smooth finishes on curves and oblique cuts so more to come on that.



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