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Dust Hood

I have needed to make a dust hood as a large number of jobs I'm doing are cut from Acrylic or more commonly known as Perspex.
Cutting this material makes a lot of statically charged chips that are thrown everywhere and stick to everything making somewhat of a mess that is a pain in the backside to clean up.

Initially I had added the 100 mm high Perspex fence around the edges of the table and this kept greater than 90% of the chips on the table but still a mess to deal with so an easily removable dust hood was in order.
One I had seen while surfing the net was held in place with magnets so this idea has been adapted to my needs.

The brush is from truck wheel arch spray stoppers designed to help stop water spray from the wheels of large trucks in bad weather.

The brush is 100 mm in length but I have cut this length down to about 60 mm as this will allow full cutter depth without stopping the Z Axis plunge as the bristle is quite stiff and as it will be mounted to the Z Axis I have to make sure it won't stall the stepper by hitting the work before full cut depth is reached. Time and testing will show how effective this is going to be as it will leave a small gap under the brush when cutting first starts but hopefully the vacuum attached to the hood will stop most chips escaping.

The small very strong Neodymium magnets are still to arrive and will fit the six small pockets cut into the upper and lower plates seen in the video. The upper plate you see me stick down and then cut the pockets for the magnets was previously made some time back to hold the vacuum tube in place so I had to come up with some way of holding it while cutting matching pockets for the magnets, the double sided tape was the answer.

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