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Finally it's going again

Well, miracle, mystery and intrigue, definitely the unexplained.

The bottom line is though that for some unknown reason when connected up to the new kit including the break out board and the three individual stepper controllers it suddenly decided to fire up and all three axis worked as advertised.

So you tell me, if you’ve read the post previous you will have read about the efforts I’ve been to trying to rectify the drive failures only to have it suddenly work in the configuration that had failed so miserably before. The big test now is will it keep on working?
I did return to the shed after tea and booted it all up again just be sure I wasn’t seeing things as this had been a mystery for about two months now and yes it’s still working so some tests to come to check normal operations, some test cuts of items I had originally made to compare, so tomorrow if time allows before work it will be put to the test so again wish me luck, reports to follow.

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