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Running but needs more

Here we are again, this like back to the future I guess as I'm back to making train wheels, that's just my test piece I use though as it's a good multi path multi tool job and makes a good job to use to test the machine isn't loosing steps.

Anyway I felt confident that it was running good enough to do a template for my lovely wife Carol, got to keep the other half happy now don't we. The one major difference with this job was that it required some engraving and this was a first for me and the machine, but as you can see it all worked fine.
The final cut was to have tabs but I'd done the tool path for 4mm Acrylic and this was 3mm so the cut through took the tabs out by about 0.5 mm.

So how did I get it all working, I put my good Win 7 Desktop in place of the old clunker of a PC running XP. I had even installed a second PCI printer port in the old machine but even that had failed.
Although it is running and finally at a reasonable speed with rapid of 1100 mm min or about 43 inches a min it's not too bad and fast enough for what I'm doing, it's certainly a lot better that the less than half that speed I was getting with the old single driver board.

Finally I have ordered an Ethernet Smoothstepper to try and refine the motion as it still growls the steppers at some speeds mostly during transitions or running at some oblique angles so that should arrive in the next few days and then begins another little saga of configuring that.

More to follow as usual.


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