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Running issues resolved finally.

Well finally some good news on this blog, it would seem that I've sorted the issue of the noisy and rough running of the X axis stepper. It's still unclear as to why this apparently only affected the X axis and not the others but what I was doing was trying to drive the steppers in 1/4, 1/8th and micro stepping 1/16th steps all in an attempt to get it to run smoothly.

The result was achieved by reducing the step count to 100 per mm, this works out to be half stepping, 400 steps per rev and it runs quite smooth and fast with good speed transitions, no more grumbling and groaning and dropped steps.

Of course there will be a lot more testing but I feel confident that there will be no more problems.
Having said all that the only concern is loss of some accuracy but when looking at the numbers that shouldn't be a problem either.
Effectively 1 step is equal to a total axis movement of only 0.00039" or 0.01 mm so for everything I intend to make this theoretical accuracy is well within desired tolerances.

Lots more jobs on the drawing board, some that have been waiting for months so drop back in and have a look to see what's happening every now and then as now it's just up to my and my wife and daughter's imagination as to what gets put on the table for cutting and I think they are making lists for me.


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