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V Carving


Finally something a little more meaningful from this machine but only after an injection of more funds to purchase an Ethernet Smoothstepper motion control board.

While this has made for very reliable operation it has not in all cases made the stepping smooth this is something that I'm still working on. What it has done is allowed the inches per minute speed to to go from the original speed of 15 inches to a comfortable 43 inches per minute and even up to 100 inches per minute but at the speed the X axis becomes unreliable and loses a large number of steps.
Upon return to Zero at the completion of a non cutting test run with feed speed in the tool pathing set to 100 ipm the X axis had lost approximately an inch and a half of steps while the Y and Z had been able to maintain there positional accuracy.

So the only conclusion I could arrive at was the X axis stepper does not have sufficient torque to maintain it accuracy at that speed even after upping the motor current limit, this only succeeded in making the motor run hot, 85 deg C was measured during the run so the current was dropped back to a more acceptable running temp of around 65 deg C.

The V Carving was done with Vectric VCarve Pro Demo version and this trial Toolpath for the "Bulls Head" sign.
This was scaled slightly smaller to fit my bit of wood and the feed speed set to 33 inches to be sure of not loosing steps.

The results are what you see and I was happy with that. The stepping is still a bit noisy during some speed transitions even at the lower feed speeds with the smoothstepper, still to be resolved.

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